We are excited to announce the launch of our new Casual RN program, which provides tiered rate structure based on schedule commitment. This is a great time to explore opportunities at our Magnet*-recognized, 1,500+ bed teaching hospital, and take advantage of the flexible schedule that works best for you. We are hiring for:

• Med/Surg• ED• ICU• Psychiatry• Pediatric• Women's Services• OncologyPositions require minimum 2 years of RN experience; ICU candidates must have 2 years of ICU experience.

Float Pool Schedule Options


Employee must sign up for a minimum of 32 hours per 4-week time block. Includes 2 off shifts (scheduled at or after 3pm), 2 weekend shifts, and 1 winter and 1 summer holiday. Base rate: $40.00/hour plus up to $9.70 in shift differentials


Employee must sign up for a minimum of 48 hours per 4-week time block. Includes 3 off shifts (scheduled at or after 3pm), 3 weekend shifts, and 1 winter and 1 summer holiday. Base rate: $43.00/hour plus up to $9.70 in shift differentials


Employee must sign up for a minimum of 64 hours per 4-week time block. Includes 4 off shifts (scheduled at or after 3pm), 4 weekend shifts (within a 6 week period), and 1 winter and 1 summer holiday. Base rate: $46.00/hour plus up to $9.70 in shift differentials

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If you have any questions about this new program, please feel free to message us, and one of our recruiters will respond as soon as possible!
With the Casual status does this mean no Health insurance?
Casual status at Yale-New Haven Hospital does not include benefits
Does your ICU float pool require recent ICU experience? I have ICU experience from 10 years ago and have a current CCRN, but my practice for last ten years is in ER Nursing. I also have a current CEN. Do you provide orientation for the float pool and for how long? Is it possible to shadow somebody in the practice before I sign in? Is it possible to convert later on from casual to full time employment if circumstance so permit? Thank you in advance for accommodating my questions.
The managers from the float pool would need to review your information to determine whether they would consider you for a position in the ICU Float Pool. Please feel free to apply to one of the float pool positions and you can attach an up-to-date resume, and in your information, you can highlight your knowledge and experience. A preceptor based, criteria based and competency based orientation is provided to every new nurse, whether experienced or a new grad, regardless of the department into which they are hired. The length is determined by an evaluation of your experience and skills compared with the needs of that particular unit. Nurses who are hired into casual or flex positions can apply for positions with benefits at a later date.
I have my ADN & have almost 4 years of med/surg experience. Am I eligible to apply for the Casual RN positions available?
Yes, you can apply for any positions that you are interested in and qualified for.
Is there anything similar for those RNs with 1 to 1.5 years of experience?
For our tiered positions, you need to have a minimum of two years of experience. We do have casual positions for specific units with a different commitment level and salary for nurses with less than two years of experience. If you're interested, please visit: careers.ynhh.org
When is your next open house for Nurses interested in the float pool?
We do not have an event planned at this time. When we have something scheduled, we will post it on our website. Interested candidates can apply on line: the posting is floatrn.
For the W/E commitment, can it be a Sat. or Sun., or does it have to be both a Sat. and Sun. together (full weekend)?
It is the number of weekend shifts, that is the requirement, it does not have to be done in the same weekend.
I am a Puerto Rico RN (BSN). WouId I be able to apply with my current PR license?
Each state has different requirements so the best course of action would be to review the requirements on the Department of Health’s website for the particular state in which you are interested in working. Connecticut does grant reciprocity for nurses licensed in Puerto Rico, as long as they have taken the NCLEX exam.
Is it possible to change tiers after hire?
Yes, one can change tiers after hire, depending on availability.
Will you consider my application if I have a New York State license?
As long as you are eligible for a CT RN license, you can be considered.
While looking at jobs, I noticed that every one listed that you are required to have a few years of RN experience to be eligible for the position. I was just curious if new graduate positions will still say this or if that part will be removed and marked as a new grad position?
New grad nurses are eligible for any position posted that either does not note an experience requirement or says experience is preferred.
I am a New York State RN with BSN I am interested in applying. Will my application be considered and then I can apply for the CT licensure?
You do not need to have a current CT RN license to be eligible to apply.
I am a nurse with 15 years experience in vascular access and was wondering if you have any casual positions for the specialty?
Yale-New Haven Hospital has not separated out Heart and Vascular services as a cluster. It is part of the med/surg cluster.
I am currently in my last semester of my BSN-RN program and am interested in working at YNHH post graduation. Is there a person I can contact to talk about what options I have post graduation and possible schedule a tour of YNHH during my spring break?
New graduate RNs are welcome to apply for any posted position for which the qualifications are listed as experience is preferred. As positions without experiential requirements become available, they are posted on line. Unfortunately, we are not able to speak with all interested candidates directly. Should you be selected for an interview, you would meet with one of the recruiters as part of the interview process. However, recent enhancements to our website will be able to provide you with a lot information about us and there are pages specifically devoted to nursing.
I am currently employed within the YNHH system and am looking to increase my hours. Would 1 year ICU experience be enough to qualify me for an ICU/Med-Surg float pool position?
If you are currently receiving benefits from YNHH, and you accepted a position in the casual float pool, you would no longer be benefit eligible, and what remaining PTO hours you have will be cashed out.
Are there, or will there be any positions/opportunities open to nurses who currently work on other units at YNHH other than the float pool and who are looking to pick up extra (using the tier provided) hours in the pool?
You are not able to hold two separate positions. If you are working extra hours for other units you are paid your current rate of pay and if your hours exceed 40 hours for the week, you are paid overtime.
I am going to be graduating from my BSN-RN program at the University of Tennessee in May and am interested in working at YNHH. Is there a way I can contact a Nurse Recruiter and talk to them about my situation and potential options for future employment?
We would love to be able to speak with everyone interested in an opportunity with us, but due to our large volume of applicants we are unable to do so. If you are interested in a new graduate RN position at YNHH we encourage you to view our website - careers.ynhh.org. If in the body of the posting it says "experience is preferred" it means that a new graduate would qualify for the position. Thank you
Can someone provide an indication of where Yale is in the hiring process for this program? Is there a time frame for when potential interviewees can expect to hear back?
We are still in the process of reviewing applications/resumes and scheduling interviews for potential qualified candidates. We cannot unfortunately give out specific time frames. If you have applied on you check on the status of your application at any time as long as you have saved your user name and password. Thank you
I have been in the psychiatric field for several years. I am interested in working on the inpatient child psychiatry unit. Would this be considered float pool if I were to only work on the child psych unit?
The float pool requires floating to all of our psychiatric units including child psychiatry.
Can students who are graduating in May 2014 start to apply to RN new graduate positions now? If they cannot at this time, when should they begin to?
We would recommend that you start looking/applying end of March beginning of April.
I was wondering if the hospital will open up positions or have a job fair for New RN Graduates? With all the minimum requirements it has been extremely difficult to obtain a job in my desired field. I've applied to numerous positions at the hospital but I don't seem to be qualified for any.
We do hire new graduate RNs at Yale-New Haven Hospital. If the posting says RN experience is preferred, new grads would qualify for the position. Our website is live and changes frequently, so I would advise checking for new positions on a regular basis so that you would not miss out on a new position for which you are interested in and qualify for. Thank you
I am a Registered Nurse looking to obtain employment within a hospital setting but I only have long term care and correctional nursing experience. I have been looking into some RN refresher programs but they are too costly and I can't afford to pay the required fees needed to enroll in a course. I wanted to know if YNHH provides refresher training for nurses who would like to obtain acute care experience at YNHH for free?
Yale-New Haven Hospital does not offer a refresher course. Courses approved by the State Department of Public Health are listed on the website.
Does working on an acute rehab unit qualify for med/ surgical experience?
Working on an acute rehab unit would not meet the qualification.
Being the father of a newly graduated registered nurse with a BSN and having watched her through the years to obtain this, I find it very disheartening that these kids aren't given any kind of opportunity to apply for jobs since they all require a minimum of 1 year experience.These kids worked hard to achieve only to find no one will hire them.
We understand the frustration applicants, including new graduate nurses, can feel when they are looking for employment. It is an extremely competitive job market and Yale-New Haven Hospital has to balance our hiring needs with quality patient care, which is ultimately our mission. There are positions for which experience is a requirement, however, we have hired, and we continue to hire, new graduate nurses. The job postings on our website do state what experience requirement there is, if any, and people can apply to those in which they are interested and for which they believe they are qualified.
I am a recent new-hire of YNHH. I have been at the hospital for 5 months. I need to switch my schedule from full-time to per-diem/casual. Am I eligible to apply for this opportunity?
We would suggest you first speak to your current manager regarding your need to make this kind of change.
I am currently a casual nurse another floor. If I were to change to float nurse and tier two, would I be able to pick up hours on a different floor? If so, would my tier two pay apply to those hours if I kept my commitment?
If you are moved into one of these tiered positions you are floating to each of the units in that pod. You would no longer be assigned to one unit. If you pick up additional hours above and beyond your commitment, you are paid at your tiered rate of pay.
What is defined as 'recent experience'? I have over 5 years experience most of which has been as a float pool RN in a community acute care hospital, but have not had hands on patient care since 2011. Would I be eligible for hire? During that time I have had ongoing continuing ED in the form of BSN degree and almost done with my MSN.
We would suggest you complete an online application and include your entire RN work history so that the manager can get a good sense of the extent of your experience. You can upload an up-to-date resume with the application too.
If an RN already worked as a RN at Yale full time, then switched to per diem status, does that mean the RN gets a raise due to the drop in benefits etc.?
The rates of pay for this position is based on which tier the employee is committed. If that is increase in salary than it would be an increase in salary.
I am RN with 4 years of experience in a hospital setting working as a behavioral nurse. I also have five years of experience of med/surg in a rehab nursing home. Will I be a candidate for the pool?
You would qualify for the psychiatric pod.
I have about 10 years working at the hospital as a CNA. I have been a registered nurse for almost 3 years. I have not worked in the hospital as a RN but am currently working in homecare and pediatrics and also long term care. Do I qualify to work as an casual RN or Float RN in the hospital? Do you recommend to come to the walk-in interview that is posted?
The float pool positions require a minimum of 2 years of recent hospital RN experience. The Open Interview Days were designed to meet with qualified float pool RN candidates who were unable to attend the Open House.
I have 3 years experience in acute care setting (regular medsurg unit). Can I apply for this opening.
If you are interested and have a minimum of two years of recent hospital experience you would be a candidate for the position for our med/surg pod.
From reading another post it was mentioned that the float pool position is a "per diem" position, does that mean if someone signs up for tier 3, the 64hours/4 weeks block is not guaranteed? Also, if someone is already a casual RN at YNHH would they still be able to sign-up for the float pool without completely leaving their recent position? As the commitment seems to be over 4-week period, could someone stop after the first four weeks if they find a permanent position? If someone is already employed by YNHH and is interested in the float pool when can they start the new exciting job?
Each tier requires a commitment, if there are not hours available on our part the employee is not penalized for not working that commitment. The length of commitment to the position is in the process of being finalized. If someone is already a YNHH employee they would need to decide if they were interested in this position, as staff cannot hold two separate positions. We are looking at start dates for the program.
I currently have 2.5yrs of ED experience in another inner city, Level 1 Trauma Center as well as Stepdown/Med-Surg/Tele experience. Do you have any needs for Casual RNs in your ED? Would I be able to float amongst different floors and the ED?
We have an ED pod we are hiring for. At this time, we are hiring people for specific pods, and we also have a med/surg pod.
I have 5 months of RN experience working in a cardiac rehab unit as well as 9 months working in the ER. I am currently working on my BSN. I'm looking for another challenge. Would I be an acceptable candidate?
In order to qualify for the float pool positions you have to have a minimum of 2 years of recent hospital experience.
I am currently a salary RN at YNHH. Can I apply?
You can certainly apply, if you are interested in moving to a causal RN position.
I have been looking online and cant find where to apply. I don't see anything that matches with the float pool. Where should i go and apply for the float pool?
The position is listed under floatrn.
I work casual on WP11. I am looking for more hours. Would I be able to sign up? What units would I be used for? I have L&D experience.
Employees can have the option of interviewing for positions. If you are hired for the Womens Services pod you would work in other units including L and D and GYN.
I have 21 years of intensive care experience in different units,but only have an ADN degree. Would that be acceptable?
We hire candidates based on their qualifications and skill sets.
How long is orientation at Yale-New Haven Hospital?
Orientations at YNHH are competency- based, preceptor- based and criteria- based. The length is individualized based on the new hires previous experience and the area they have been hired for.
Does "off shift" mean evening, night, or weekend shift?
"Off shift" means either evenings or nights. There is also a weekend commitment.
I am strongly interested in the Tier one position, and have flexible hours. During the open house will you be conducting interviews?
Every attempt will be made to interview experienced candidates that day, depending upon event traffic.
Is the pedi float pool med surg? Is it primarily pediatrics?
The pediatric pool floats only to pediatric units within Yale New Haven Children's Hospital.
The postcard I recieved stated that the program provides a tiered rate structure based on schedule commitment.. so does that mean the more you work the higher your pay rate or as stated in another question, you will make more with more rn experience?
The pay rates for the casual positions are based on commitment not level of experience.
I have been an RN for four years. I have mostly worked in home care but would like to work in a hospital setting. Would this open house be appropriate for me with my background?
For the float pool, we are seeking RNs with recent acute care hospital experience. For other openings, we invite you to review the current postings on our website: careers.ynhh.org
Is Yale-New Haven Hospital hiring LPNs?
At this point in time we are hiring RNs for our inpatient units. We will occasionally have LPN positions in some of our ambulatory areas.
I have 15 years critical care experience, but have not worked in the acute care setting since 2008. I'm interested in getting back into the hospital setting, would I be eligible for a float pool?
We would recommend giving us a detailed resume for our managers to review.
I am already an employee in the hospital system and have been in acute care setting med/surg tele for about 10 years. Would I be able to jump pay or would it stay my same casual pay as I am now? I am not making the same base rate currently. I plan to work tier 3 hours. And how does one pick up the hours? calling the floor? online program? or pre planned days on a schedule?
The pay for the position is based on which tier you commit to. The scheduling piece is being developed for the program. Thank you
Hi, I would be commuting for over an hour to work each day I work and I was wondering if there was some kind of mileage or housing compensation/bonus for those of us in that situation. Thanks
There is no mileage that would be compensated by the hospital. We do not have on site housing available for people but there are options for hotels/motels in the greater New Haven area. Also, the Yale University website, www.yale.edu, has a section titled "Living at Yale" on the homepage and there may be options available to explore there. Thank you
Hi I always was interested to work in the hospital and very excited about this opportunity, I have been RN for 4 years but worked only outpatient pediatric setting do you accept this experience or this is only for the nurses with the acute care experience? Thank you very much
This event is for experienced RNs with recent acute care experience. However, you can review the current list of available positions at YNHH and apply for any in which you are interested and in which you believe you meet the qualifications. Please feel free to visit our careers site: careers.ynhh.org
If you have 5+ years of long term/rehab experience would you be eligible for the casual RN program?
Each person's candidacy will be evaluated on an individual basis to see what experience the candidates brings and what kind of match there is for the float pool.
I currently work full-time in another position. Will the orientation process be flexible to prevent interference with my current job?
There is flexiibility with start dates and if there was mutual interest, we can split the required initial one week orientation to accommodate work schedules. The orientation to the department has more flexibility, to include off shifts and weekend.
What is the commitment for orientation? Most of the RN's applying will already have full time jobs in addition to this, will there be any flexibility for orientation?
There is flexiibility with start dates and if there was mutual interest, we can split the required initial one week orientation to accommodate work schedules. The orientation to the department has more flexibility, to include off shifts and weekend.
What are the shift differentials that you are offering? Also, what is the parking fee for casual RN's?
Shift differentials are evenings 3.75 Nights 5.00 Weekends 4.70 they are compounded for weekend off shifts. Parking can either be paid for as daily rates, which vary based upon where someone parks, or coupon books can be purchased, again, different costs depending upon the lot location.
I recently moved to the area and have 7 months experience as an RN. Is this type of open house not for me?
While this event is for more experienced RNs, please feel free to check our website for other opportunities: careers.ynhh.org There will be posted positions you may be interested in and qualified for.
Is there a difference between the float pool and working on a casual status? I was interested in working one day a week in addition to my full time position. I would not be able to meet the requirements for the float pool system.
Yes, there is. With casual, there is a minimum commitment of 24 hrs per month, after a full-time/close to full-time orientation. Twelve shifts out of the year have to be on an off shift or a weekend, and at least 2 holidays. Individual units can also place additional requirements, including specifying which holidays are required The rate of pay is based on years of experience, as it would be if being hired into a benefitted position. You can do casual status for one unit; you do not have to float.
Are these positions permanent positions and do they offer medical benefits and vacation and sick time?
These positions are casual status (per diem) and do not include benefits. They offer a higher rate of pay in addition shift differentials.
Do you have casual RN needs in your outpatient areas?
The pools are inpatient units and emergency departments only.
How many units are there for Adult Float Pool and does it include Pediatric too? What do you consider an OFF shift?
Thank you for your inquiry! Adult float pool includes: general medicine and general surgery units including sub specialties oncology, cardiology, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, neurology and neurosurgery, geriatrics and emergency medicine. The adult ICU cluster includes MICU, SICU, Medical Cardiac ICU and Cardiothoracic ICU, Neuro ICU. The pediatric cluster includes, pediatric cardiology, respiratory, oncology, surgery, medicine and short stay. The Pediatric ICU pool includes PICU, Newborn ICU, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. We have a separate pool for our behavioral health units. Staff work predominantly 12 hour shifts, generally 7 A to 7:30 P and 7-P to 7:30 A. Weekend off shift is considered Friday night and Saturday nights, there may be opportunities for 8 hour shifts on the general units. Thank you for your interest in Yale-New Haven Hospital!
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